BreakThrough Session: Kick Start Your Health Journey



Experience a 45-minute one-on-one video call with our Dietitian that’s packed with benefits to jumpstart your nutrition journey.

Our “Breakthrough” session is tailored to provide you with a comprehensive protein needs assessment and recommendations, a curated list of protein-rich foods, a sample menu to get you started, and an exclusive introduction to our extended services. It’s the perfect way to supercharge your nutrition plan, all in a quick, convenient, and personalized session.


Breakthrough Call

45 minutes @ US$75.00, By phone, Online/Video chat

Kickstart your path to optimal health with our 45-minute Breakthrough Session. Connect with our experienced dietitian to:

1. Define Your Aspirations:

– Clarify your health goals, metabolic challenges, and vision for wellness.

2. Uncover Obstacles:

– Explore the hurdles currently affecting your metabolic health.

3. Assess Compatibility:

– Determine if we’re the right fit for your unique wellness needs.

4. Tailored Service Introduction:

– Discover customized solutions, from individual sessions to comprehensive virtual programs.

5. Engage in Dialogue:

– Ask questions about our programs and methodology.

Invest in your well-being. Secure your Breakthrough Call Session and pave the way to a healthier future!


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