Blood Glucose Optimization Mastery



Welcome to our “Wellness Transformation Program”, a comprehensive journey designed to empower your well-being on every level. It begins with a thorough 2 hour initial comprehensive assessment and intake session with our registered dietitian. This is followed by four weekly 45-minute individual sessions that delve deep into your goals and progress.


Blood Glucose Optimization Mastery

Blood Glucose Optimization Mastery offers a highly personalized and comprehensive approach to wellness. The program initiates with a thorough 2-hour initial consultation, providing a strong foundation for your wellness journey. Subsequently, participants engage in 45-minute individual sessions. The program extends its support beyond these sessions with ongoing access to email and text support. Participants also benefit from action worksheets to track their progress and receive regular accountability check-ins. The program includes a personalized menu and recipe recommendations aligned with dietary preferences and expert guidance on wellness supplements. This approach is dedicated to enhancing overall well-being and represents a meaningful investment in one’s health.


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